The area where the Po Valley (Pianura Padana) meets the first hills at the foot of the Apennines and beyond, up to most of central Italy, is rich with thermal springs. In Bologna there is one of the main spas of Emilia-Romagna: Castel San Pietro Terme. As the name suggests, it has been known since the 14th century for the healing qualities of its waters. The first spa was built in the village only in 1870, before being destroyed by the passage of the Second World War. The subsequent reconstruction allowed the Terme of Castel San Pietro to become the thermal reference in the province of Bologna.
The properties of its sulphurous and salsobromojodic waters are particularly suitable for their effectiveness on the respiratory system, but also on the digestive and neuro-vegetative one. The spas have a wellness center, a polyclinic, affiliated with the National Health System and are obviously also accessible to the public without any convention. The thermal centre is  in a centuries-old park, right next to our hotel and can be easily reached by foot through a panoramic walk.


In Monterenzio, just 12 km from Castel San Pietro Terme, there is the Villaggio della Salute Più, a city of well-being immersed in the nature of the Sillaro Valley. A large complex that houses a spa, the first European thermal water park and a naturist oasis. All surrounded by hills, fields and the Sillaro river which constitute the perfect natural setting to spend a period of relax and well-being. In this area there was the Gothic Line during the Second World War and, still today, the trenches are visible at Ca 'di Lucca and a small Museum of the Gothic Line right in the center of the Villaggio della Salute Più.