AYRTON MAGICO, The soul beyond the limits.

10 April, 2020

AYRTON MAGICO, the soul beyond the limits "will involve the viewer in the story of a life lived on the edge, in an immersive, multi-media and highly emotional environment. A collection of multimedia material never seen before: 40 minutes of videos of his GPs, 5 environments thematic, his most beautiful interviews, the presence of his single-seaters: the 1986 JPS-branded Lotus 98T, the 1993 MC Laren MP4 / 8 world champion, the 1994 Williams FW16, his first kart (DAP), his original helmets, his suits, 4 touchscreen tables with all his sporting feats ... An installation created with 20 high-brightness laser projectors, wonderfully enveloping images and colors, the audio usable exclusively in headphones to recreate the effects (breath, heartbeat of the heart, connection with the boxes) that Ayrton lived inside his helmet ... The exciting story, which becomes intimate, in 4 languages ​​(Italian, English, German and Portuguese)

Multimedia Museum of the Imola Circuit - Checco Costa
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