Location for Training Courses: #FELICISIDIVENTA

19 January, 2018

Event type: Training course
When did it take place: 19-20-21 January 2018
Duration: 3 days
Number of Participants: About 300 people

The first #FELICISIDIVENTA event was organized at the Artemide Congress Center, a three-day practical course to learn personal tools to be happy independently and autonomously from the outside world, through the three pillars of Happiness.
Directed by the nationally renowned Psychologist Terenzio Traisci, Corporate Trainer and Speaker and teacher of Positive Psychology, together with his fantastic Staff, he touched on several points during the course, such as: working better, taking care and respect for ourselfs, working in Harmony with others, finding meaning and happiness in work, having a happy and effective relationship with money and, how relating in a positive, effective way at work and in the private, using the voice and strategic dialogue. During the course, several speakers with twenty years of experience in research and applications in the field alternated on the stage: Prof. Igor Sibaldi, Dott. Pier Mario Biava, Prof. Luigi Maselli, Salvo Ambrosi, Dott. Stefano Versace, Dott. ssa Francesca Corrado, Dr. Erica Badalassi, Coach Andrea Bordini.

Main Services Provided:
- Meeting room 570 sq m; set up with a boxed stage consisting of six modules (120 x 150 cm each), 2 stools, podium, 300/350 chairs arranged in theater style, 1 flipchart, basic conference audio system with a fixed microphone for podium, two wireless microphones ice cream, a wireless microphone with headband, a self-supporting 3x4 front projection screen, a 5200 ansi lumen projector.
- Service; the customer relied on an external service, which set up the meeting room by mounting an american one.
- Accessory spaces; secretarial office adjacent to the room with desks and chairs; reception and registration desk for participants located in the hall of the Artemide Center and unattended cloakroom.
- Refreshment point; set up in the hall of the Congress Center with service (for the entire duration of the course) of a cafeteria, appetizer and, during main meals, service with Sandwiches, Focaccie and various drinks.