Location for Transcendental Meditation Courses

19 May, 2017

Event Type: Transcendental Meditation Course; Learn the art and meditative techniques
When did it take place: from 19 May to 21 May
Duration: 2 days
Number of Participants: About 150 people

Events concerning Transcendental Meditation are organized every year at the Artemide Congress Center. This special technique is taught according to ancient methods, usually followed step by step by experts in the field from where this ancient art is at home, India, which in a completely natural way allows the mind to experience the most satisfying state of its true nature. There is no need for a prolonged period of practice, as the meditative process is natural and intuitive. This means that anyone can practice these special transcendental meditative techniques, regardless of their educational, religious and cultural background, with good results from the first course. On average, it has been estimated that only twenty minutes, practiced twice a day, are enough to produce concrete results.

It was a great opportunity for our Association to find your structure and be able to take advantage of it.
Our initial search was not easy, it was first of all to look for a building with specific architectural characteristics prescribed for the Vastu Maharishi.
So we came to you: the buildings of the Hotel Castello and the Artemide Congress Center both have a perfectly aligned primary entrance to the east and a secondary entrance to the north.
In addition, exposure to sunrise is free and unimpeded by any hill or building.
The good distance from the waterways is also important.

Those who dwell in buildings with at least these basic characteristics - according to the principles of Sthapatyaveda Maharishi - are favored with the development of harmony, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment.

Our Association has the aim of spreading Transcendental Meditation and promoting individual and social progress through the development of Consciousness.
To accelerate this progress, we organize weekend, advanced courses and assemblies for associates.
Having the possibility to carry them out in a structure like the Hotel Castello one is for us a beautiful and happy experimentation.
The structure immediately breathes harmony, silence, kindness.
For our part, through frequent presence, we are pleased to be able to increase the harmony and prosperity of this already fortunate structure which is the Hotel Castello.
This is in fact our business and our purpose!
The dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people who spend several hours during the courses practicing the Transcendental Meditation and MT-Sidhi in silence create well-being to the surrounding environment.

With sincere affection

Main Services Provided:
- Meeting rooms of 230 and 50 m2; Rooms equipped with seats, screen, video projector, speaker tables, audio equipment, including fixed microphones, ice cream microphones and headband microphones.
- Yoga area; Equipped with exercise mats
- Meditation rooms of 118 m2; Rooms available to trainees, equipped with meditation mattresses
- Refreshment point with herbal teas; during the entire duration of the course, a certain number of Hot Water Dispensers are available with a wide choice of relaxing herbal teas specific for Meditation.
- Accessory spaces; They include Reception desks located in the Hall of the Congress Center, for the registration of participants, office / secretariat, made available to the staff, furnished with desks and seats and unattended cloakroom space.