Tournaments and Card Games at the Artemide Congress Center: Card Tournament - Game Trade

09 July, 2018

Event type: Card Tournament
When it took place: 9-10 July 2016 and 20-21 August 2016
Duration: 2 days included Overnight stays
Number of Participants: from 200 to 300 participants approximately

Card tournaments are organized every year at the Artemide Congress Center at regional and national level, where kids of all ages compete in duels with Fantasy cards. One of the most important is the Italian National Vanguard Championship, which is giving away the contended final prize for the first two classified, the trip to Japan to participate in the World Championship the following year.

Main Services Provided:
- 460 sq m meeting room; set up with 30/40 tables (cm. 200x60) covered with colored TNT cloth, classic conference chairs, basic audio system with 1/2 ice cream wireless microphones for service communications, 1 self-supporting screen with front projection (mt. 3x4) , 1 5200 ansi lumen projector and autonomous lighting management.
- Accessory spaces; Reception desk for registration of participants (located in the Hall), office adjacent to the meeting room (equipped with desks and chairs, for any secretary),  wardrobe.
- Bar; refreshment point open throughout the duration of the event, with drinks for a fee.