Location for shows: Wella Collection Show

16 October, 2015

Event type: Fashion Show
When it took place: from 16 to 19 October 2015 (includes assembly, show and disassembling)
Duration: 4 days with overnight stay
Number of participants: 800/900 participants

Choreographic presentation, at the gates of Bologna, with Entertainment, of live hairstyles by hairdressers, a fashion-hair event organized at the Artemide Congress Center, where hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists, challenged each other with trendy and style shots, to create new looks and propose new hairstyles to keep up with the frenetic and innovative world of fashion and hair style.

Main Services Provided:
- Meeting hall; Plenary room of 1000 sq. m., set up with chairs arranged in an auditorium for 800/900 pax, tables for directing and autonomous lighting management.
- Fitting rooms; Room used as 20 m2 dressing rooms. Approximately, with direct access to the dining room and furnished with side tables, including private toilets.
- Equipment; 1 self-supporting front projection screen (mt. 3 x 4), 1 5200 ansi lumen projector, basic audio system for conferences with 4 fixed microphones, 2 ice-cream wireless microphones, 1 hand-held wireless microphone.
- EXTRA equipment; Easily rented by our trusted service, all paid by the customer.
- Accessory spaces; Reception and registration desk for participants, located in the lobby of the Congress Center, office adjacent to the Meeting Room for secretary and unattended cloakroom.
- Parking area; Adjacent to the Congress Center, with about 40 parking spaces and 2 other public parking areas at 100 meters where you can park cars or Gran Turismo buses.