Location for concerts: Concert by the Lithuanian artist Saule Kilaite

08 June, 2012

Event type: Concert
When it took place: June 2012
Duration: Half day with overnight stays
Number of participants: About 500 participants

The famous Lithuanian violinist Saule Kilaite, was a guest at the Artemide Congress Center for the annual charity event of the "Garden of Angels". A multimedia show in which, in addition to music, the video-scenographies created by Roland Tapi and the artistic complicity of the 'TraBallante' folk dance company were the protagonists Saule held the scene by introducing each piece with poetic fragments, curiosities and anecdotes, creating a strong interaction with the public and an atmosphere full of emotions. www.isuonidegliangeli.it

Main Services Provided:
- Plenary hall of 1000 m2 for about 500 pax; Equipped with 10 modules (6 molded modules, 2 large black modules without a rack), 500 chairs arranged in a theater style, screen (3 x 4), 5200 ansi lumen projector and autonomous lighting management.
- Extra equipment; For the duration of this event, the customer requested the assistance of a specialized technician and special technical equipment, for which we relied on a trusted external service.
- Accessory spaces; The Hall space of the Congress Center was made available to the customer, equipped with a reception desk for the participants and an office adjacent to the entrance of the hall, equipped with desks with related seats, as Secretariat.
- Bar; A  bar area has been set up in the hall for the consumption of drinks, food and a varied café throughout the duration of the event.